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You may know pewdiepie as a player of happy wheels, well thts not all he does.  A list of games he does is amnesia, happy wheels, slender, etc.


Pewdiepie accepts bro mail he has received rocks and candy.  Hit main one he gets is fan art to send i will give you his address to send it to. San Paolo 97
36705 Montecchio M. (VI)
PO box n°357 here is his address for all you bros!


Pewdiepie is a famous youtuber, he does many funny videos.  Pewdiepie's arch enemy is BARRELS!!!!!!!!!!  I enjoy his videos because they always cheer me up.  His real name is felix from what i know.  He also does fridays with pewdiepie, wich are really funny.

This is of a video of happy wheels made by pewdiepie.


This will be updated daily: Pewds makes new videos so the links will be aplied here.